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The Supression of Nature Sounds by the Catholic Church

The Role of the Catholic in the Suppression of Musical Theory

I first read about the role of the Catholic Church suppressing the knowledge of enlightening nature and sound patterns in the book Biological Apocalypse. Later I read a book explaining the power and uses of these hidden sound patters, enlightenment codes and this book is free! Check out Richard Merrick's site…, which is fabulous! He has an understandable theory and history of this musical suppression.

"As my belief in Western science began to falter, I asked myself how simple harmonic information could be so completely absent from general public awareness. Why is this not common knowledge? Why is this not part of science, music, history and our entire educational system? Why would it not at least rate as a 'fun fact' in a sidebar in Popular Science or on an anatomy poster at the doctor's office? And above all, why would the Church not want people to know all about it? After all, it could be taken as proof of a sacred ordering principle in nature, inferring the existence of a cosmic intelligence (call it what you will). So, I reoriented my study of history from this new perspective, and it quickly became obvious to me why we know virtually nothing of this lost knowledge."

~ Richard Merrick

"I discovered that harmonic philosophy had long been associated with paganism (the belief of God in nature) and that the Roman Catholic Church had worked very hard over a period of a thousand years to eradicate through canon law. This was the reason the tritone interval of a half-octave, nicknamed Diabolus in Music or "Devil in Music¨ had been banned from sacred music in 1234 AD by Pope Gregory IX and is still maintained to this day!

"The Church seemed aware that the tritone could reveal the symmetry in music harmony and open the door to the carnal knowledge of harmonics in the body and elsewhere in nature. As the most powerful force in the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church was very successful in establishing a franchise system where by the faithful could only reach God through the Church and its iconic brand rather than through the study of self and nature. It was through this marketing and distribution network that the Church was able to control vast populations by regulating admission to the afterlife.

P.S. These tones, which have been hidden may be heard on my Paint your Soul CD. The tones are converted into tuning forks and sound like wind chimes in the background - ever blessing the listener!

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