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Spying on Subconscious Feelings! - Part III

We are focusing on one of many fascinating uses of the freeware program, nanoVoice! (Try it at… but so you know, Sharry does not offer a MAC version, sorry). The nanoVoice graphs your emotions, even the subconscious ones! The nanoVoice graphs our emotions, whether or not we are conscious of them.

Our feelings affect us far more than we suspect: People unknowingly project their subliminal feelings onto others. For example, a person withdraws, not allowing anyone to get close, while he perceives that others have abandoned him.

We clothe dark feelings in an acceptable light. Anger is often disguised as a righteous reaction. Subconscious expectations set up interpersonal difficulties. For example, we do not voice our expectations, yet we are wounded when they are not met.

Unconscious feelings can trigger other people's behavior. For example, Bob believes that he is "no good" and radiates this feeling. Those nearby feel this energy, subconsciously pick up on it and act accordingly. Subtly Bob conditioned others to treat him with low regard.

A person is rarely aware when his ego directs situations. When we are not conscious of it, our ego is extraordinarily hard to manage. Usually we are clueless about subconscious feelings, illustrating that it is difficult to know ourselves from the inside out. Negative emotions spread to those in close proximity. Just like second-hand smoke inflicts damage, so do our toxic emotions. Yet, we steadfastly believe that we can hide our feelings without any impact on others.

Sharry Edwards created the nanoVoice," giving us inner knowledge so we can better navigate emotional challenges. The nanoVoice allows us to view our underlying emotions and access buried feelings. This unveils confusion, sheds light on indecision, and depicts ego issues. These revelations enable us to acknowledge, resolve and release negative emotional habits.

In addition to showing your individual pitches in your voice, this tool has a button to push in which you get a general analysis of your voice. There are many more uses of this tool, which are described in the book on BioAcoustics, see Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing at Also The Healing Flower Symphonies at release unwanted negative emotional baggage.

Hats off to Sharry Edwards for this incredible gift!